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RUSTIC CAMPING -PRIMITIVE / RUSTIC CAMPING RUSTIC CAMPING No Hook-UPs - Dry Camp / Boon-docking / Ranch Camp with many amenities 
****Most of this website pertains to the annual event called Cheyenne Frontier Days, the World's Largest Outdoor Rodeo and Night Shows.

Can't find availability? Check other options that may work for you. . 

PRICES Explained: 1 Tent or RV Per Site - Per Day. Tents =Paying by Size/Sleeps, RV=Paying by length. 17 and Under Stay Free with a Parent / Guardian.

Where is my confirmation email? Check the email attached to the Payment account. It is sent automatically, check old email addresses before attempting to contact us.
How do I get there?  Click Here or Go To "Location" It's Extremely Important to PRINT these out.  We are crazy swamped when you are arriving and not able to give directions over and over -so please, please print them out, purchase a map, use your GPS: 11234 Coonrod Road, Cheyenne, WY, or Google: Last Chance Camp, thanks!

Why don't you answer the phone?! I am so sorry about that.  We are both working very hard to get Camp ready plus maintain our other business. Please keep in mind, this is only a 10-day camp that is on autopilot right up until CFD begins. 

What time is Check In? - Early is better and up until 9PM. If you have to arrive later, please let me know. You will experience delays with check-in if arriving after 5PM during big attractions! Please print and fill-out the "Speedy Check In" above. Have paper-work ready, everyone in your party signs the release.

What time is Check Out? -before 11:00 AM MT 

Is this 1st come or assigned Tent and RV sites? Assigned due to restrictions for my permit, I have to know where everyone is in case of an emergency. Please do not move to another site without informing us.

LOUD "OLD" Generators are now Forbidden! Must have a newer quiet Honda or Yamaha type running no more than 60 db, even during the daytime hours. 

Can I bring my own tent? - Yes, please do! You are paying for a site not a tent. I do have a limited number of "Rent a Tents" for people travelling, mostly folks travelling on planes. Please send email, see if available before payment. 

Do you have a shuttle service? - NO LONGER - SO SORRY we miss this too

Can we party? What is your idea of partying? If it is disturbing your neighbors with loud vulgar obscenities, stereo volume really high or just screaming and yelping then, No! If you can remain respectful of all persons and our property as a responsible adult and over the age of 21 then, yes! If you are a fighter you already know this about yourself, please refrain from stoopidity.
If I have to tell you to quiet down (Stereo's included)- you are half way out of the camp ground. Absolutely no refunds will be given for ill-favored behavior. Do not blow it for everyone in your party & Do not piss Chris off!

Can I have a fire at my campsite? No fires are permitted anywhere except in the community fire pits when allowed by our County. 

Grilling at RV sites is permitted off the ground. If using charcoal (not preferred), please take your ash to the dumpster, this is horse food after you all leave.

Can I put another tent at my site - No, 1 Tent per Site

What is an XXLG Tent Site? This is a large Sleeps 5-10 usually a 2–3-bedroom tent. This means everyone sleeps in this tent, still 1 tent per site and 2 people. Please use the "Add a Guest" and "Add a Vehicle" as needed for additional guest. Prices are Per Day and Per Person.

Do you have Electric or Hook-Ups? No, I don't - this is just a 10-day camp on our pasture, horse food. I do have electric on the patio to charge cell phone and get yourself pretty.

Can I park at my tent site? Not usually, most are on our lawn. 

Can I bring my dog? - Is it a good dog? Will it stay in your RV? Does it bark? What are the plans for the dog while out? If it's running a noisy generator than please leave your dog at home along with the noisy generator, see rules -> No generators over 60 db! If it is an outside unit, point it at your patio so you can experience just how noisy or quiet it is.  

Payment Problems? If you do not have a PayPal account, there is a place to put in your Credit Card. Auto email notification from PayPal. I do not have PayPal or a Credit/Debit Card. Let me know and we can arrange a COA (Cash on Arrival).  

An RV Site is for up to 2 Adults and 1 vehicle. Please use "Add a guest" or/and "Add a vehicle" as needed. If your guests want to pop a tent at your RV site, please use "Add a guest" or/and "Add a vehicles" as needed. Please to do bleed over into the next campsite... buy a bigger site or buy 2. Price is per day and per guest.

A Tent Site is By Sleeps Size and is for 2 people unless you have your children, and they are 17 or younger and sleeping in the same tent as you. Please use the "Add a guest" or/and "Add a vehicle" as needed for any additional guests, price is per/per.

Can we reserve sites next to friends/family? In most cases yes but.. something to keep in mind is the RV sites are in rows by size
For example: 35ft 5thWheel and a 25ft Travel Trailer these will have to order the larger site for both. This works out great, gives both parties more room. Please understand once CFD begins I cannot adjust as things are already mapped out like a puzzle. 
TENT People: It's rare for me to say no you cannot be next to your friends but.. it does happen once CFD has begun and things are getting too close for comfort for the surrounding tents.  

Payment Problems: I don't have a Credit Card 
I don't have a Credit Card: Email all specifics - copy paste from the menu, use snip it or type everything out and I will confirm your cash on arrival COA payment via email. 

REFUNDS- Event Policy (July 22nd - 31st, 2022):

Cancellations made 7 days or more prior to your arrival date will be refunded to the credit card given at the time the reservation was made less $15 cancellation fee. Reservations cancelled within 7 days or less of your arrival date will refunded at 50%.

Reservations not checked in by 11am the morning following your scheduled arrival date will be released without refund.

Refunds and credits are not given due to the discomforts of nature.

All rates, specials, terms and policies are subject to change at any time without notice.

Help me help you, thank you!   

Let's Make it GREAT together, Christine, Steve and the gang!

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