Party Bus Rental


Hip Party Bus Now Available in Cheyenne 
(16 people max).  

Q: What is a party bus?

A: This particular party bus seats 16 with party seating! So far we have used it for shuttling to concerts, festivals, Bach. parties, and birthday's. 

Q: Can we drink and smoke on the party bus?

A: Passengers may bring and enjoy alcoholic beverages in the passenger area of the party bus. We do not allow cigarettes on the bus.  

Q: What should I look for when booking a party bus?

A: Is it insured for passengers and how far can it travel. 

Party buses require high cost passenger licensing and are limited to the number of miles (radius) they can travel with passengers on board. 
Our lil ole 1993 Chevy Short Bus is only insured in Cheyenne as we are starting with a 30 mile radius, in other words we cannot transport you outside of Cheyenne.

Q: I have called around and you offer the best rates, should I be worried?

A: Because our bus is limited and is a hippy style in incognito with the outside remaining non advertising nor glamorous... while inside, it's another story! 

Q: Do you include alcohol with a party bus rental?

A: We can provide a medium size cooler with ice & cups but we cannot provide the alcohol as we do not have a liquor licence.  
Q: Is there a deposit? 

A: Yes, a deposit of $100 in case of incidentals.

PLEASE CALL 307-640-0697 BEFORE purchase to get booked. 
Pricing varies from $60 an hour to $75 for a max of 16 people