Hip Party Bus 
Now Available in Cheyenne and surrounding areas

                                FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  

                                      Q: What is a party bus?

                                      A: Our party bus seats 14 with party seating (circular sort of)! We have used it for shuttling to concerts, festivals, Bach. parties, and birthdays. See Note ***

                                     Q: Can we drink and smoke on the party bus?

                                              A: Passengers may bring and enjoy alcoholic beverages in the passenger area of the party bus. We do not allow                                                        cigarette smoking on the bus, vaping is okay.  

                                     Q: How much does it cost / What is your rate? 

A: The basic rate for daytime is $45 per hour (9AM - 330PM) Evening Rate is $55 (4-11PM) and Night Life $65 (11-2AM). 
7PM-230AM -$400 (15 dollars off!). Book rooms, camping or bring your RV/Tents and stay for discounts on packaged deals.
Click the Contact Card below or click Hip Party Bus above or here -> email Christine directly so we can get your party started :-)   

Q: What should I look for when booking a party bus?

A: Is it insured for passengers and how far can it travel. 

Party buses require high cost passenger licensing and are limited to the number of miles (radius) they can travel with passengers on board. 
Our lil ole 1993 Chevy Short Bus is only insured in Cheyenne and within a ***50 mile radius “Examples” from Cheyenne***  
Wyoming: Laramie, and our State Parks (Veadeawoo, Granite Springs, Curt Gowdy, Crow Creek, Pole Mountain) Lots of small towns including: Albin, Chugwater, Hillsdale, Carpenter, Burns & Egbert.
  Nebraska: Pine Bluffs, Bushnell & Lake Oliver 
Colorado: Mishawaka, Fort Collins, Severance, Greeley, Grover & Hereford.  

Q: I have called around and offer you the very best rates, should I be worried?

A: No way. Our bus does not include a suit and tie guy with black shiny shoes. It’s just me in my normal attire and the bus is incognito with the outside remaining non-advertising nor glamorous... while inside, well you’d have to see in person or you can check out the pictures. 

Q: Do you include alcohol with a party bus rental?

A: We can provide a medium size cooler with ice & cups, but we cannot provide the alcohol as we do not have a liquor license.  

Q: Is there a deposit? 

A: Yes, a deposit of $100 in case of incidentals. 

 CALL Christine at 307-640-0697 or email questions using the Contact us Form below to start the process of booking a FUN and SAFE place to celebrate your event.

*NOTE**If several folks are larger in size, (meaning tush and/or shoulders take more than one seat), decrease from 14 for maximum comfort for all.  

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