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    Tailgate Trucks/Van 18ft
  • Tailgate Trucks/Van 18ft

    Read ALL before Purchase -->>>PRE-SALE *1st weekend dates are Fri, July 19 & SAT July 20th **Last Fri is July 26& Last SAT is July 27. Site is for 1 Truck/Van for 2 People & preferably adults over the age of 21 as these sites are located right next to the Youngsters Area/ Party zone (see Penny for your Pick), 1 vehicle and 1 night NO Adding guest or vehicles to this site. No sleeping on the ground! Tent must be in the Pick Up Bed or Inside your Topper, Van, Hatchback, back seat, front seat ect. You will have enough room for 2 chairs, coolers/sm table. Gaming area in the party zone. This is a high traffic area so we don't want anyone run over. Kids OK here Sun-Tue only/ Please select 30 ft no slides if this is not for you. - *No complainers, these are my happy greeters as All RV's and Party Zone people go right by here. Thank you for reading!



Last Chance CampLODGING 
& Party Bus
 Cheyenne Frontier Days n Nights 
 July 19th-July 28th 2019 
PRE SALE until Jan 5, 2019, Book Now Below! 
available through 
                                        <-CLICK HereHere
 HIPCAMP is Nationwide "off the beaten path" camping!
It's Like Airbnb for Camping!

2 Rooms / Lodging  "Private En Suites"

Hip House - Master Suite - AirBnb
Hip House - Zen Bed & Bath - AirBnb
Hip House -2! Roomy En Suites 2 m off I-25 Country
HipHouse Country Camp Horses, Fur +Babies welcome!

Below for Cheyenne Frontier Days 2019 
EVENT Camping - We don't have hook ups - We just have FUN!!   free water fill up 
PRE SALE Happening NOW!
11/1/2018 until 1/5/2019
  "The Johnsons" Steve and Chris taking a break from Camp- CFD-2010
Jason Aldean set the attendance record on July 26, 2013, when 25,000 fans showed up. We had a few at camp! 
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